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Title of inventionRegistration number
  • Underwater lighting device10-0904921
  • Outdoor light of high-brightness light-emitting diode using a DC power supply formed in a package form10-0930222
  • LED luminaire for full color LED lighting through full color LED lighting control unit10-0956066
  • LED fluorescent lamp consisting of dimming transmission/reception module10-0908733
  • Non-polar LED lamp for direct current power (DC) with switch type LED driver module10-1067452
  • LED dimming device through power amount control10-1080080
  • Manufacturing method of heat dissipation part used for LED lamps10-1081490
  • LED lighting improved by AIRVENT10-1102859
  • Detachable LED module with customized power consumption and multi-formation10-1102556
  • LED light source explosion-block lamp with improved heat dissipation performance by applying certified explosion-block luminaires10-1134990
  • LED lighting control device with improved miniaturization and constant current control10-1218617
  • Bidirectional sensor for motion detection10-1206042
  • LED Intuition lamp for fluorescent lamp replacement with improved structure and reliability10-1210419
  • LED luminaire with CMP-PLA type heat dissipation module made of CMP-PLA heat dissipation material10-1140765
  • Smart LED package module for cool and warm status and its manufacturing method10-1492018
  • LED lamp production automation device of direct tube type10-1467531
  • Cool and warm color variable multi-LED lighting control device through smart LED package module for cool and warm status10-1567535
  • AC direct connected smart LED driver module10-1421647
  • Smart emergency light driving device for LED lamps with excellent slimming and fire resistance10-1626321
  • Brightness estimation apparatus and method using automatic exposure information of image sensor10-6946210
  • Radiant drying apparatusOrdinary license
  • Smart LED Street Light Module10-1734351
  • Hybrid type smart food dryer with LED light source-controlled infrared radiation drying and ultraviolet sterilization style10-1742689
  • 1:1 customized hybrid drying drive type smart food dryer according to the drying object10-1825086
  • Smart food dryer through multi-heat source drive and radiation wind 10-1921200
  • Intelligent fine dust display notification device and method for hybrid field analysis consisting of beta ray absorption fine dust analysis, and image fine dust analysis10-1909589
  • LED direct light with excellent heat dissipation and reflectivity20-0451488
  • LED road traffic signs through sunlight20-0450486
  • LEDWIND40-1220583
  • LarLux40-0774161
  • Food dryer30-0864821
  • ColorWaveController/Driver/AddressLoader program2006-01-199-000574

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